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In cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection experts and suppliers from business, science, politics and associations established the organisation house of clean energy in order to encourage development processes for renewable and efficient energy applications.

Based on existing technologies for renewable energy facilities and efficiency, processes, applications and research projects should be presented to the public. Sustainable trust in new technology fields is still one of the most important aims of the association.

Actuator of the activities is climate change and the steadily increasing shortage of fossil energy sources whereas worldwide energy demand is also on the increase and causes ascending energy costs. Therefore, politics and business started a rethinking process.

In addition, the nuclear disaster of Fukushima leads to the governmental decision to refuse generating nuclear energy. With the passed law in June 2011, Germany initiates an energy change which is meanwhile known as “The Energiewende”.

Consequently, the demand for climate-friendly alternatives and technologies rose rapidly without ignoring the sustainable securing of energy supply for the industry nation Germany. Rapid advancement, improvement, efficiency enhancement and implementation of eco-friendly technologies and processes to produce and accumulate energy are now key factors to succeed. Concurrently, the location Germany and its solution provider must become major technology carrier to make renewable energy and efficiency attractive internationally.

The hessian government declared goals, basic conditions and action steps to realize the energy change. Thus, communes, companies and citizens need appropriate information and advice. The house of clean energy has set itself the objectives of realizing these defined goals, which are summarized in the category aims.

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