Flörsheim Wicker

The headquarter of the companies Rhein-Main Deponie GmbH (RMD), the Main-Taunus-Recycling GmbH (MTR) and the Rhein-Main Deponienachsorge GmbH (RMN) is in Flörsheim-Wicker. At the landfill area they run facilities for disposal, recycling and renewable energy plants. Furthermore, the group of companies is responsible for aftercare, remediation and protection of the disposal area.

Until June 2015, eleven million cubic meter domestic and similar waste were stored at the site over 30 years. After mid-1990s people have given environment more priority, waste avoidance and recycling become more and more important.

View beyond the front part of the disposal area in Flörsheim-Wicker
  • Size: 85 hectare
  • Initial start-up: 1972
  • Waste types: domestic-, construction waste, excavated soil
  • Stored amount of waste: ca. 11 million m3
  • End of landfilling for domestic waste: mid 2005



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