Wood waste treatment

  • Wood waste treatment plant

    Wood waste treatment plant

    Industrial enterprises, building and abort operations plus bulk rubbish produce wood waste. Woods, which are not extremely contaminated (category A I to A III), are treated and become fuel. State-of-the-art facilities separate metal and other materials. Afterwards, the woods are cracked and sieved in order to produce wood chips. Finally, a 600 meter conveyer band supplies the biomass power plant.

    categories of wood waste:

    In Germany, the use of wood waste is regulated by a wood waste enactment. Woods are categorized depending on their quality.

    AI untreated wood waste with insignificant contamination

    AII treated wood waste (glue-laminated, painted or coated)

    AIII wood waste that are coated with halogenated organic compounds, but without wood preservative

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    • Initial start-up: 2001

    • Input material: wood waste (category AI to AIII)

    • Throughput: 120.000 t (fuel)

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