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Biogas power plant

  • Biogas power plant

    Biogas power plant

    The biogas power plant in Flörsheim-Wicker is one of the biggest and most recent biogas power plants in Europe. Biological waste from surrounded homes, organic waste and organic material from agriculture are energy suppliers. 

    Installation of a new gas engine
    Biogas power plant with installed photovoltaic systems
  • Technology


    Biological waste is fermented in a closed digester. The process is a multi-stage dry fermentation whose final product is biogas. Natural microorganisms transform the stored energy in methane CH4 und carbon dioxide CO2. The energy density depends on the methane percentage.

    Biogas and landfill gas are mixed and subsequently burned in gas engines from the landfill gas power plant. The solid digested residue could be reused as organic fertiliser or as fuel for the biomass power plant.

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    • Initial start-up: 2008
    • Installed electrical power: 1.4 MW
    • Produced biogas: 5m cbm/a
    • Power production: 8.25m kWh/a
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