Biomass power plant

  • Biomass power plant

    Biomass power plant

    The biomass power plant at the landfill area in Flörsheim-Wicker uses wood waste as fuel (category AI to AIII). These woods are not extremely contaminated and are produced by industrial enterprises, building and abort operations plus bulk rubbish. The biomass power plant is connected to a wood waste treatment plant. After the treatment conveyer bands supply the power plant with fuel.

    Biomass power plant Flörsheim-Wicker - view to the climbing wall at the building facade
  • Technology


    The biomass power plant works with the principle pulverized firing with traveling grate. First, a chain conveyor transports the fuel into a feed container. Subsequently, three feeders and an air injection system convey the fuel into the combustion chamber.

    Small fuel particles already combust while floating, whereas bigger particles combust on the travelling grate. The accruing bottom ash, which causes the biggest ash discharge, falls into a water quench to cool down. The hot flue gas heats water to steam (65 bar, 450°C). The steam flows into a condensation turbine, which drives a generator.

    Nitric oxide emissions are reduced with the SNCR process. Furthermore, two parallel connected cyclones and baghouse filters ensure dedusting. The refined exhaust streams through a chimney into the atmosphere, finally. The accruing ashes, bottom ash, boiler ash, filter and cyclone ash are collected in a silo and can be reused as building material for roadmaking landscaping.

    Principle of the biomass power plant Flörsheim-Wicker
  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    • Initial start-up: 2003
    • Combustion: pulverized firing with traveling grate
    • Fuel: wood waste of the category AI to AIII
    • Installed electrical power: 15 MW
    • Power production: 110m kWh/a
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