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Centre of soil treatment

  • Centre of soil treatment

    Centre of soil treatment

    The center of soil treatment at the site Flörsheim-Wicker includes plants for biological soil purification, plants to stabilize contaminants and a deposit for inert material.

    Biological soil treatment

    The biological soil treatment plant has the task to clean contaminated soil to allow reuse. The yearly throughput is 200.000 cubic meter.

    Deposit for inert material

    On every occasion building sites or production processes produce material, whose waste disposal is not obvious. The deposit for inert material offers the opportunity to store material temporarily until the final disposal strategy is determined.

    Stabilization of contaminants

    The plant for stabilization of contaminants is able to stabilize waste. The included contaminants are treated to a solid structure. Thus, a dangerless reuse is possible, e.g. as valuable landfill building material. The yearly throughput is 72.000 tons.

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