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Landfill gas power plant

  • Landfill gas power plant

    Landfill gas power plant

    Micro organic decomposition of home and industrial enterprise waste produces a gas mixture consisting of 60 percent methane and 35 to 45 percent carbon dioxide. Already in the nineties, a supply network was built on the landfill area in order to use the climate-damaging methane for power generation.

  • Technology


    The gas storage system consists of a variety systematically distributed gas fountains. After dewatering, the gas is piped to the power plant, where the combustion in gas engines takes place.

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    • Initial start-up: end of the nineties
    • Number of gas engines: 8 (total power: 7.7 MW)
    • Produced landfill gas: 15m cbm/a
    • Power production: 22m kWh/a
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