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Slag conditioning

  • Slag conditioning

    Slag conditioning

    One of Europe’s biggest and most recent plants for slag conditioning runs at the landfill area in Flörsheim-Wicker. Slag and ash are residua from power plants or waste incineration plants. For example, waste incineration plants produce 250 to 350 kilogram slag per ton of waste. The conditioning plant uses slag from the surrounding waste incineration plants Frankfurt, Mannheim, Darmstadt and Offenbach.

    At first, the remains of slag are stored next to the plant for six to twelve weeks. After the “aging”-process magnetic-, eddy current- and discarded metal separators pick out iron, aluminium, copper and other metals. 90 percent of the mass remain as final product. The grinded products are very fine granules that are used for sealing the landfill. It can also be used as roadmaking material. The essential feature for quality is the deployed technology for grinding and sieving.

    slag conditioning plant
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